Can Tieta Ibiza

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The Farm

Can Tieta is a 37 hectare farm on the Island of Ibiza, Baleric Islands, Spain.

The farm land and the belonging stone fincas have been there for over 800 years, traces of Romans and before them Phoenicians have been found both on the land and in the houses. Partly because of this the farm is located in a highly protected area, which in result brings a quiet and peaceful space surrounded only by nature. Both the houses and the land are currently being restored to its original, using only organic materials and processes, operating with products and Machines that wont damage the nature while finding clever solutions to save as much water as possible.

Digital Workshop

The Can Tieta workshop is a 6 week digital program for companies that are looking to support and improve their employment health in a safe, effective and personalised way.

Stress has been named the ’Health Epidemic of the 21st century’ by the World Health Organisation, and we strongly believe that this is a program that not only is important and exceedingly needed but also one that benefits all, since employment health directly relates to company health.